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Sales of organic farm between Faenza and Brisighella

Our tractor
the lake
the inhabitants of the lake
the kitchen
the kitchen
the kitchen
the kitchen
the oven
Blast chiller
the cellar
the cellar
the cellar
the cellar
wood-fired boiler
winery and oil mill


We are a married couple that about 8 years ago, for a choice of "degrowth", we moved to live in the country, becoming farmers.

We fell in love with a farm of approximately 60,000 square meters, with two houses. We restored the first one, for the second one we foresaw the construction of a B&B, but a lot of work, commitments to which we continually calls the farm... we have "freeze" this project.

We channeled rainwater building two reservoirs of water (about 7000 m2 of water), so you can take advantage of rainwater in all crops, without going to spoil aquifers.

The farm is divided by a hectare of vines for wine and food, we have a small winery for processing grapes, with all the equipment.

One hectare of mixed orchards, not monoculture, because this will limit the possibility of infestation of pathogens.

Oh I forgot, this is a certified organic farm, as well as Radionics.

Apricots, peaches, apples, plums, cherries, pears, blackberry bushes American (thornless)

blackthorn and scattered around the farm.

A hectare of gardens, for seasonality, all irrigated.

Three greenhouses, one of which is heated.

In the heated one there are tropical fruits they produce, type casimiroe, lemongrasse guava, soursop.

An olive grove of 2 hectares with about 250 trees all already in production. We are also equipped with a mill, so we gather our olives and work directly and immediately above.

We have chicken coops, farmyard animals, swans, ducks, etc. ..

You may wonder:
why sell?

Because our bet is over, we have the desire to become smaller, in touch with mother Nature but less demanding as life and living.

In summary:

     800m2 of housing
     60,000 m2 of land
     Heating system throughout the house in addition to the GPL also wood-fired boiler of the latest generation
     3 greenhouses 30 sqm (one heated)
     Agricultural vehicles (new)
     Oil mill
     Equipped for the vinification cellar full of casks 7 steel 500 l. and a 1500 l., crusher, washer, capping; equipment for the sale of retail products (cold store, scales, bench steel, blast)
     Steel kitchen with equipment suitable for catering
     7 irrigated gardens of various sizes for growing vegetables in rotation
     All 250 olive trees in production (autochthonous varieties, nostrana of Brisighella, Icicle, Orphan, Tuscany)
     500 plants of artichokes Moretti (local variety)
     300 lavender plants
     Garden planted with unusual plants such as palms, camphor, pistachio, olea fragrans, fejoha​​, herbs
     Fenced chicken coop against fox
     2 sheds for shelter tools and agricultural vehicles
     2 ponds for the recovery of rainwater that guarantee a water supply well above the need